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18 juin 2012 1 18 /06 /juin /2012 12:22




I sit alone sobbing

Where they really my friends

They were my enemies all along

The ones I consoled when in tears

Were actually buying my trust

The ones I helped in tough times

Were taking my kindness for granted

The ones I spent hours hanging out with

Were revealing my secrets to the world

The ones I made laugh when feeling blue

Were not worth the dedication and effort


The unbearable pain you feel in your heart

When you find out that they hated you all along

Your presence tortured them


The sad truth weakens my spirit

Wets my eyes

Fills my mouth with spiteful words

I tore off my teddy bear’s head in rage

I found comfort in eating ice creams

Keep your friend close but your enemies closer

I guess I have been another victim of the old saying.



Masturah Denis.

in Sipay -Revue littéraire seychelloise N° 8

"La voix des enfants"


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