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31 mai 2012 4 31 /05 /mai /2012 18:53

Sabah Carrim et l’Université Populaire de l'Île Maurice (UPIM)


Vous invitent au Lancement du dernier livre de


Sabah Carrim




A story of Existence, Beauty and Wisdom


Le Jeudi 7 juin 2012 à 17h

Au Bar “Le petit Journal”

French Bistrot, Route Royale, Forest Side. Tel : 670 0221


“Why did thoughts that bother her not bother others? Why was she not happy with the things that made other women happy? Why couldn’t she fit in?”

These questions are the barriers in Humeirah’s labyrinth of life: they make her feel uneasy about existence. This story recounts the life of a woman who seeks more than just gender emancipation; more than release from a suffocating marriage; more than freedom from a tight cluster of people who don’t understand her.

Humeirah’s search for meaning– for the truth– keeps haunting her. She spends “most of her time... thinking, reading, then destroying and re-constructing the ideas and beliefs she h(olds) on to.”

In the end, she comes to term with who she is, and her search elevates her to levels of self-realization and self-discovery that flood her being with a sense of peace and tranquillity.


About the author:

Sabah Carrim is a philosophy enthusiast. She lives in Kuala Lumpur where she lectures law and human rights.


Université Populaire de l'Île Maurice (UPIM)
email : upmaurice@gmail.com
site web : http://www.upim.info
Tél. : Annick au (00.230) 701 3587


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